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Bonding Is a Universal Survival Code That Goes from the Cradle To the Grave.


"Romantic love is not the least bit illogical or random. It is the continuation of an ordered and wise recipe for survival. We now have a map that can guide us in creating, healing and sustaining love. This is a consummate breakthrough.”
                            - Dr. Sue Johnson

"EFT is based on 50 years of research into human bonding and 30 years of research from our lab into helping couples connect and thrive. We really don’t have to simply fall in and out of love anymore. Of course, EFT also helps families who are in distress and individuals who want to understand how they connect with others and how best to deal with their needs for support from others."

                             -Dr. Sue Johnson

How EFT Helps

​1. Universal Needs To Be Loved

Relationships are at the core of human experience. We are biologically wired to be in connection with loved ones. Science has shown us that bonding and attachment is our strongest survival strategy. Research indicates that emotionally fulfilling relationships are integral components of mental and physical health. EFT promotes building and strengthening attachment relationships.


2.EFT Helps Get To the Core of Problem

EFT helps couples understand the cycles of conflict that keep them feeling stuck and disconnected. Regardless of the content of fights, the deeper reality is that what we're usually fighting for is reassurance that we are valued and loved, and that we can rely on the person we love to be there when we need them. We need to know that our spouse or loved one can be emotionally available for us; be emotionally present with us and engage with us on an emotional level. EFT helps teach couples how to reconnect and find closeness, even after moments of conflict.


3. EFT fosters effective communication while building secure bonds 

One of the primary goals of EFT is to teach couples how to become a secure base and a safe haven for each other. Couples will learn how to tune into their signals for connection and communicate clearly and effectively with each other in a way that helps them work through painful moments and conflict, and bring each other closer rather than push each other farther away.

4. EFT Works on Creating Permanent, Lasting Change

EFT is empirically validated as an effective model for change processes to occur and predictors of success in relationships and love. The methods used in EFT were developed through extensive research on the interventions and processes that most effectively restore trust in relationships and strengthen attachment bonds.


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