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Open to all Therapists/Counselors/CADC's/Case Workers/Chaplains and anyone who works with Addictions

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12 CEU Contact Hours: (NV Psychology, MFT, Social Work, Drug & Alcohol boards)

**Open to all therapists, counselors, LADC's/CADC's, social workers, Pastors, Chaplains, current  therapy students, and any other type of addiction work. You do NOT have to be licensed to attend.

The U.S. makes up 4.4% of the world’s population but uses 80% of the opiates. Alcoholism rates have increased significantly in the past 10 years. Overdoses are on the rise. Even our phones present challenges to connection. There are numerous approaches to addressing alcohol and substance abuse, along with other compulsive and/or addictive behaviors. None offers the clarity of attachment theory, plus the road map and tools of Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Viewing addiction through an attachment lens offers a parsimonious, illuminating, powerful reframing of the issue.

Through an attachment lens, the pull and sway of substances, alcohol and other addictions makes sense. The battle between our relationships, attachment needs and chemicals is clarified.

Furthermore, the attachment lens offer us a deeper understanding of how to:
--Treat in Early Sobriety
--Support Ongoing Recovery
--Address the Echoes and Injuries often associated with addiction in couples and families

Your presenter, Jim Thomas, EFT Trainer, brings a unique combination of experience in the addiction field and related areas of trauma, early childhood adverse experiences and shame. 32 years clean and sober himself, Jim knows the 12 Step and recovery world. He’s consulted with addictions programs, brought Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change to two major agencies in Colorado in the 1990’s, studied with John Bradshaw, and co-created the first ever workshop on EFT and Addictions in 2012 with his colleague, Michael Barnett, EFT Trainer.

Through brief didactic presentations, experiential activities and video examples of couples dealing with addiction, this workshop will provide invaluable understanding and tools for treating addiction in your practice.

Learning Objectives:
-View addiction through an attachment lens as an attachment disorder that also disorders, disrupts relational attachment bonds.
-Knowing how to apply attachment theory offers a template for intervention in the face of active addiction.
-How to leverage attachment needs and emotions early in recovery, including in outpatient and in-patient settings.
-Apply Attachment Theory & Research to treating addiction and supporting stronger bonds with couples and family members to increase recovery resilience.
-Address the echoes of addiction, particularly the emotional injuries and uncertainties of partners and family members even after a significant time of recovery for the person of concern.

-Learn about EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and how it's application of attachment theory is useful to treating addictions.

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Addiction,Attachment, & Emotion Workshop For Therapists, Counselors, Chaplains, & Social Workers
SNVEFT EFT Training Workshop On Addiction, Attachment & Emotion

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