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Advanced and highly Experienced EFT Therapists will enjoy this advanced EFT Training in Las Vegas, NV

3 Day Retreat for Seasoned
EFT-ers with George Faller, LMFT

Advanced EFT Therapists will enjoy this advanced EFT Training with George Faller in Las Vegas, NV

September 18th-20th, 2024 9am-5pm in Las Vegas, NV

Going Deeper, Working Through Blocks, & Finding Inspiration in Every Stage of EFT

This year we will be covering Sex Therapy using EFT and exploring couples negative sexual cycle. Come ready with all of your stuck spots and your burning questions! You're welcome to bring session tape for us to watch (time permitting). We will go more deeply into stuck spots and more advanced cases, learn how to track a couples negative sexual cycle, learn what to do when couples have different levels of desire regarding frequency of intimacy in their relationships. We'll build more knowledge base and create clarity around questions concerning advanced EFT core concepts and conceptualizations regarding sexual intimacy and attachment, and offer help with blocks around sexual intimacy and the sexual cycle. Best of all, we will learn how to freshen up, better attune, refine our EFT Verbiage, and further rock our EFT skills!

*Must have minimally completed (or be in process of completing) EFT Core Skills to attend

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Meet your Presenter

George Faller, LMFT is an EFT Trainer in New York and Connecticuit, and is the author of Sacred Stress. He is a former NYC Fire Fighter and helped treat 9-1-1 victims. He has a unique utilitarian, functional approach to EFT, which is super relatable and helpful for our clients that "just don't get why we need to talk about emotions". George is also a co-host of the online EFT learning platform

and is co-host of the Foreplay Radio Podcast with fellow EFT Therapist and Sexpert, Laurie Watson.


If you haven't had a chance to train with George Faller yet, you do NOT want to miss this unique opportunity.

**Special hotel room rates available at the venue by calling their front desk. Please Mention you're with the EFT Therapist Event Training hosted by Southern NV EFT.

Level Up Your EFT Sex Therapy Skills!

In this workshop you'll learn how to:

-Apply EFT to couples sexual and intimate relationship

-How to track their negative cycle

-Get help using EFT Interventions around the sexual cycle

-Explore and unpack blocks to intimacy and sexual connection

-Learn how attachment science understands the sexual cycle

-Explore and unpack different levels of desire and frequency of sex between partners

-Help couples learn how to have the kind of sexual intimacy worth craving

-Help couples be able to bond and connect their sexual intimacy and have the sex life they've always wanted together!

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