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The Southern Nevada EFT Board of Directors is truly a Super Squad of amazing EFT Professionals here to help build our communi
The Southern NV EFT Community is here to help build our community of EFT therapists and meet the diverse mental health needs

Our Community Mission

The Southern Nevada Community for EFT is a (501C3) non-profit community of mental health practitioners committed to creating safe and secure bonds in couples and families, and helping to create healing for emotional and relational brokenness for all who need it.


This community's mission is to make training affordable and accessible for its therapists and to offer diverse learning and education opportunities. We also strive to help connect therapists with those needing counseling services to help meet the diverse mental health needs of the local Southern Nevada population. As a Community we are committed to standing united against messages of hatred.


Emotionally Focused Therapy, pioneered by Sue Johnson, is the most effective therapy model for healing couples, individuals, and families in conflict & distress, and rebuilding connection with self and others. It also helps foster loving and healthy relationships that last. 

The Southern Nevada EFT Board of Directors is an amazing group of EFT Professionals here to help build our SNV EFT community
Delivering Package

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy is an inclusive model of counseling, helping couples, individuals and families from all backgrounds and walks of life. SNVEFT also models diversity and inclusion by having an open door policy to all ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainers, and welcoming a diversity of training courses.


EFT Counseling is now available in the UK, Europe, Romania and many countries around the world.

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