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Spring 2024 - March 27th, 28th & 29th, 2024


Research shows that intimate partner violence is rather frequent; even more so in couples seeking couple therapy. However, even in individual therapy, the violence often remains hidden from the therapist. Or due to therapist fears and uncertainty about contraindication, individuals or couples seeking therapy are often refused.

In couples, the underlying strong, heavy negative interaction patterns are paramount in the violence. These patterns form a challenge for many therapists in working with these individuals and couples, and often the violence between the partners is central to the therapeutic process. When there is identified violence it is remarkable that couples typically  want to work in therapy toward a safer relationship where they can stay together and have the violence stop.

Also, many therapists are quick to dismiss individuals and couples seeking help to save their relationships deeming the violence as a contra-indication for couples work. How can clients’ desire to heal the relationship be approached when violence is often seen as a contraindication for couple therapy and EFT?

Based on new scientific knowledge about intimate partner violence and their experience, Lieven and Jef have worked together to come to a deeper understanding of this difficult internal and relational drama.

By attending this Master Class you will learn how to:

  • How EFT can help reduce violence when you know how to help couples safely fight for connection and secure attachment.

  • How to work with anger as a form of trauma

  • How to work with Trauma in individuals and couples who suffer from extreme anger

  • How to understand anger and violence differently so you can overcome your biases and blocks in working with these distressed individuals and couples.

  • The safety measures required for successful treatment.

  • Limitations and Therapeutic Interventions important for you to deescalate the violence

  •  understand intimate partner violence from an attachment point of view

  • learn how you  can use Attachment and EFT to help individuals and couples to fight for a healthier, safer connection.

  • get specific interventions to use

  • learn the importance of, and how to, complete assessment

  • the interventions that help individuals and couples de-escalate

  • learn the attachment meanings of anger and violence

  • learn when and how to provide attachment reframes for the violence

  • Discover an opportunity to explore your blocks and challenges in working with these couples.


Learn how to work with Anger as a form of Trauma

​​​​​​​In many individuals, unprocessed anger can fuel angry behavior. When continually left unaddressed, can at extreme levels, lead to angry outbursts and sometimes aggression and violence. In many cases, the extreme anger and aggressive or violent outbursts are born out of trauma. Strong anger and angry reactions can become very triggering for therapists, and many times these clients get referred out as "difficult" and disordered. Many times they do not really get heard and understood, or met with compassionate care that helps them unpack, explore, and de-escalate anger and violent or aggressive behavior.

Working with Anger, Violence and Trauma 3 Day Workshop

With EFT Trainers Jef Sloothmaeckers and Lieven Migerode

March 27th, 28th, 29th, 2024 9am-5pm Las Vegas, NV

Meet Your Presenters

Certified EFT Trainers From Belgium, Experts on Using DV/IPV and Healing Trauma with EFT

Lieven Migerode,
Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer

Lieven introduced Sue Johnson to Belgium on the occasion of the Good Enough Couple Congress in 2006. Lieven has published on the subject of “partner violence and love” in articles and as coauthored the Dutch book EFT and Couple Violence: Fighting for Connection  with Jef Sloothmaeckers.

Jef Slootmaeckers,
Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer

Jef has worked for 10 years with partner violence and specializes in the topic of EFT and Couple Violence. Over the last few years, Jef has trained several teams in working with couples who are highly reactive and violent. Jef and Lieven have worked together for many years & have published several articles about partner violence and couples’ therapy and the Dutch book EFT and Couple Violence: Fighting for Connection  with Lieven Migerode. Jef is a member of ICEEFT and serves on the board of EFT Belgium.

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