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2024 EFT World Summit in the Netherlands

EFT Summit

Dr. Susan M. Johnson, The Founder and Pioneer of EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy

Dr. Sue Johnson,
Pioneer and Founder of EFT
Emotionally Focused Therapy

ICEEFT is the official regulatory body for Emotionally Focused Therapy

The EFT World Summit in Netherlands, 2024

The EFT World Summit is an exciting EFT Conference where EFT therapists from all over the globe get to connect, meet Sue Johnson as well as many of the EFT Trainers, and attend workshops from many of the worlds leading experts in attachment, emotions, bonding and EFT!

In the upcoming World Summit 2024, therapists will get to explore the new developments in the EFT-model, EFIT, EFFT and HMT with attention for different groups and cultures. The aim is to inspire and learn together to make this world a safer place!

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